State Sen. Dorsey Ridley

State Sen. Dorsey Ridley

State Sen. Dorsey Ridley has been selected to serve on the National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) Legislative Effectiveness Committee.

Ridley, who serves as Senate Democratic Caucus chairman, represents the state’s 4th Senate District, which includes Caldwell, Crittenden, Henderson, Livingston, Union and Webster counties.

The NCSL Legislative Effectiveness Committee examines strategies, practices and procedures for making legislators, staff and legislatures more effective, with a focus on skills for legislators and key operations and powers of state legislature.

Topics concerning the executive branch of government and Congressional procedures and reform are also covered.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve on this committee,” Ridley said. 

“I will take what I learn from this committee and my counterparts from across the country and use it to move our state forward. 

“As a member of leadership in the Kentucky State Senate, I will be looking for ways to make the legislature more effective and ways to better serve our constituents.”

The Legislative Effectiveness Committee is one of NCSL’s standing committees.

The committees are responsible for developing the official policy statements that form the basis of NCSL’s lobbying in Washington, D.C.

Committee members guide those lobbying efforts and assist in influencing congressional and administration decisions.

The committees are also NCSL’s primary vehicles for sharing information among legislators and staff and highlighting policy innovation in state legislatures.

Ridley said the committees provide for an exchange of information through dialogue, meeting sessions and networking opportunities. “These committees give us the opportunity to see what other states are doing, what laws have passed and how they have been executed,” he noted.

“I feel that Kentucky can benefit from seeing how other states are addressing problems that we are or may be facing in the future.”