School board revises elementary renovation plan, approves bus purchases

Members of the Caldwell County Board of Education discuss moving forward with elementary school renovation plans, among other action items, at Monday’s meeting.

During the Caldwell County Board of Education meeting on Monday, Nov. 15, the board received its financial audit, approved a capital funds request, revised the elementary school renovation plan, approved bus purchases, and conducted other business.

The audit was conducted by Duguid, Gentry & Associates.

They found the Caldwell County School District’s financial statements have no material weaknesses or non-compliance.

Further, the district’s total assets are $29 million and total liabilities are $25 million. Its total net position is $4.9 million, according to the audit.

Superintendent Jeremy Roach said the district’s audit was clean, and everything looked good.

He said the board received an Offer of Assistance for $15,964 from the Kentucky Educational Technology Systems to support district technology needs, improving instruction.

Roach said the elementary school renovation BG 1 plan was revised. The board approved the revision and is resubmitting it to the Kentucky Department of Education.

“The short of it is, we are going to pay out of pocket for the parts that didn’t qualify under the district facility plan,” Roach said.

The board also approved a capital funds request.

Roach said a portion of the board’s capital loan request — $250,000 — will go toward the elementary renovation. The other portion of the request, $177,000, is funding two bus purchases.

The board also approved using Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Funds to buy a third bus.