Superintendent Nate Huggins’ retirement begins Sept. 1 and the Caldwell County School Board has a procedure in place for filling the position.

Board Chair Tim Kennaday said the board will begin looking for an interim superintendent to step in on Sept. 1.

“We have to have somebody to be, basically, the captain of the ship,” he said. “We don’t have anybody right now, but we will begin looking.

“The new superintendent wouldn’t start until next July 1. (The interim superintendent) would be in until June 30 of next year.”

Kennaday added that there are three board members — Stacy Brantley, Bill Clift and Seth Mitchell — who are up for election this year, affecting the process until at least Nov. 4.

“Because we have three board members who have opposition this year, we have the option of using (the Kentucky School Boards Association), which has a superintendent search,” he said. “That’s what we did the last time. I think that’s the way to go. That’s just my opinion, not that of the whole board.”

Kennaday said the board could accept applications but not do the interview process or screening committee until it is known who will be board members in the next year.

“What that means is you can’t have a ‘lame duck’ board member picking the superintendent when they’re not going to be on the board,” he said.

“If the three who are on the board now all win (the election), that would free us up after the election because the board wouldn’t be changed. If they don’t, we would have to wait until January (when board members are sworn in and new members begin their terms).”

Kennaday said the board’s work process might not start until January or February anyway.

Kennaday said he appreciated the service that Huggins gave to the school district during his tenure as superintendent.

“I appreciate the couple of years that he gave us,” he said. “I know he’s always tried to make decisions for what’s best for the kids of Caldwell County and the school district.

“I appreciate that because that’s the main thing — that’s the reason we’re here, is to educate the kids, and I know he’s always had them at the forefront of his heart.”