Ms. Emily’s Spring Workshops started in 2019 when Emily Freeman was approached by Melissa A. Peek, the director of the Princeton Art Guild.

“I’ve been so excited today that I get to come back and do this. It’s been one of my favorite things that I’ve been asked to do and be a part of,” Freeman said.

Freeman hosted her first 2021 workshop on Tuesday. Her workshop classes are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 5 p.m., with 12 dates in April and May.

Freeman teaches four six-week workshops throughout the year. Students start at age 4 and age out around 12.

Seven students attended Tuesday’s class. On Thursday, Freeman will host a separate group of eight students.

Freeman was a student-parent before becoming a teacher-parent. Her daughter was a student in previous art workshops at the guild when Peek offered her the role of leading the workshop series in 2019.

Although Freeman’s professional background is sports physiology and yoga, she is constantly inspired to create art. “I try to make sure that we do not repeat an assignment,” Freeman said.

Entering the art world without previous experience, Freeman attains her inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, her daughter, and YouTube.

Freeman and the art guild support the art’s mission to enrich children’s lives through imagination and creation.

Pre-COVID-19, Freeman’s average class size was 10 students. On Tuesday, there was only one new student. Most kids return to Freeman’s workshop year after year.

Freeman frequently encounters students’ parents, which happen to be former classmates, a common occurrence in a small town.

The students created sailboats for the first assignment. Occasionally, Freeman enables her students to channel their intrinsic poetic demand by having a free art day, where they take charge and create art on their own terms.

“All they have to do is come here and be ready,” Freeman said, adding that the workshop is meant to be simple and fun. Kids have an opportunity to return to normal during a pandemic.

According to Freeman, “Being able to work well with one another” outside of the classroom is a social experience that students look forward to.

Freeman anticipates returning for her second 2021 workshop series after Memorial Day.