Be the difference


Law enforcement agencies around the country have worked to adapt to a changing environment in response to COVID-19 and civil unrest. The Kentucky State Police is seeking individuals who want to make a difference by being responsive to the unique needs currently faced by communities.

KSP is calling for certified law enforcement officers who want to increase their training and further develop their careers by joining KSP’s team. Additionally, KSP continues to accept applications from candidates without prior law enforcement experience who want to become trained in order to serve the commonwealth.

KSP Class 101 will combine training of experienced officers alongside new hires to law enforcement. Experienced officers, possessing at least two years of Kentucky law enforcement experience, who apply for the Agency’s Law Enforcement Accelerated Program (LEAP) will complete 13 weeks of training at the academy prior to selecting one of KSP’s 16 posts to report to for the field training portion. Traditional new hire candidates will complete the required 24 weeks of basic training academy, then both LEAP and basic training cadets will graduate the academy as KSP Troopers. Traditional graduates will undergo field training post-graduation once they arrive to their Post assignment.

“We believe this new training approach will diversify our recruitment pool by attracting experience, combined with the enthusiasm of newcomers. We are hopeful this innovation to our training format will be beneficial for years to come,” says Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Nall, the program’s creator.

Eligible applicants must possess one of the following criteria to apply:

• High school diploma or GED with three years of full-time work experience.

• Sixty semester hours of credit from an accredited college or university.

• Two years of active military duty

For LEAP candidates:

• Two years of experience as a full-time, sworn law enforcement officer in Kentucky.

• Cadets qualifying for the Academy with a high school diploma/GED and three years of full-time work experience will graduate with an associate’s degree, tuition free, as part of their training.

Anyone interested in joining the ranks of KSP to make a difference in their communities should visit KSP’s social media accounts, access KSP’s smartphone application or visit http://ken to download the application.