The cost of a variety of foods showed a slight increase over the past year, with most items fluctuating during the fourth quarter, Kentucky Farm Bureau reported.

The Farm Bureau's Marketbasket Survey showed an increase in the average overall cost of food during three of the four quarters in 2019, ending the year with an average of $118.74. The price remains lower than the costs seen in 2014-2016, even though there have been slight overall increases in recent years, Farm Bureau stated in a news release this week.

The organization conducts its Marketbasket Survey four times annually, checking prices of 40 basic food items throughout Kentucky. The numbers are averaged into six categories: beef, pork, poultry, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and grains.

National results from the Consumer Price Index report showed a similar slight increase in overall food prices throughout 2019, the release said.

Fourth-quarter prices were mixed, the release said. Beef and poultry increases were likely due to seasonal demand, while other items remained somewhat steady. The largest decline was in grains, at 3.92%, the release said.