Teacher appreciation

Teachers can still be celebrated during Appreciation Week

In the Caldwell County School District, we are committed to creating a safe learning environment — whatever that may look like — so we can continue providing the best education possible for our students. Right now, this means balancing short-term tough decisions with long-term positive outcomes.

As we celebrate national Teacher Appreciation Week from Monday through Friday, I want to encourage all of us to continue to keep safety first as we remain at home using the non-traditional instruction platform.

With that being said, there are still so many special and endearing ways for students and families to virtually and safely express thanks and appreciation to their teachers. Here are just a few suggestions and ideas that can be shared such as during a zoom class or by phone, email, and Google meet:

• Share a favorite memory with your teacher.

• Tell your teacher what you like best about them.

• Draw a picture, write a note or poem and send either by email or snail mail.

• Share a virtual hug with your teacher.

• Share your favorite music.

• Submit a story on social media.

• Submit a letter about your teacher to the Times Leader.

• Send thanks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, just to name a few social media platforms.

I am sure there are many other ways to creatively share love to teachers. These are historical times that we are adjusting to living through and doing things differently. While we may be especially tempted to want to drop a gift off at your teacher’s home or deliver a baked good to them, please remember safety must be first, as we adhere to and follow safety guidelines established by our local health department. There will be time later for sharing in person gifts, food, smiles and hugs.

Thanks to all parents and families as you wear many extra hats, including remote learning with your child. I want you to know that should you have any concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher or to your child’s school. As always thank you for all that you do for our school district, our community and Caldwell County.

Go Tigers.

Nate Huggins


Caldwell County Schools