Tiny Cafe space open for lease again

The recent open house sponsored by the Princeton Art Guild gave the community an opportunity to see renovations and photo murals at the Tiny Space Cafe. The art guild is accepting new lease inquiries.

Princeton’s Tiny Cafe was revived on Nov. 6 for a photo mural unveiling and a building renovation open house hosted by the Princeton Art Guild. Melissa Peek, art guild director, invited the public to see the changes and promote its availability.

The Tiny Cafe closed its doors in 1990. The establishment was open for 40 years. Rodger and Thelma Pickering launched the business in 1949, said Tammie Pickering Sanders, daughter.

When entering the Tiny Cafe space, a photo mural encapsulates her and the cafe’s spirit — it shows a piece of Princeton’s history.

“Folks stopped in to see the photo murals on the wall of Mrs. Thelma Pickering and those 10 bar stools that used to stay filled in that space,” Peek said.

Pickering’s family members attended the open house and greeted visitors.

“Over the years, the Tiny Cafe was a gathering place for a number of people on weekdays and Saturdays for almost half of a century,” Sanders said. “The home-cooked meals and friendly service kept the customers coming back and the family type relationships formed through shared meal times created a home-away-from-home feeling among those who patronized the restaurant regularly.”

Peek said the renovation and improvements to the building are complete and is accepting letters of interest for lease opportunities. She can be contacted at director@princetonartguild.org.