Ronald Wood serves as Caldwell County’s property valuation administrator. His role is to provide property assessments for both the county and property owners.

He said he and his office has been busy assessing the damage caused by the Dec. 10 tornadoes, which stands at $8.3 million.

“Depending on where that number goes, it’s going to have some impact, but it’s not going to be overwhelming,” Wood said.

He noted the damage to other communities like Dawson Springs, Mayfield, and Bowling Green is more severe.

Wood said the Commonwealth Office of Technology’s geographic information system mapping technology enables him to work from an aerial point of view, assessing damage and visualizing the community.

“I think the flyover and getting that information was probably the most helpful thing,” he said.

Wood said he is preparing assessment notices, residents will receive them in April.

“If they give us good address information, we’ll be in contact with them. That’s the main thing,” Wood said. “They’re welcome to come in, they’re welcome to call, which is the fastest and easiest way.

“Once again, from what I see, I think most of them are going to be complete losses, and there won’t be anything but lots.”

At this time, Wood cannot provide an accurate number of damaged homes. He plans to be out in January, visiting residences and performing in-depth evaluations.

He said his office is open for anyone who wishes to get more timely information and updates. He encourages residents to call 270-365-7227, noting it’s the fastest and most efficient form of communication.