There will be two new faces on the Caldwell County School District Board this January. Stacy Brantley retained her seat on the school board, but Bill Clift and Seth Mitchell did not.

Brantley won the District 4 seat by a 575-347 margin over challenger Amber Francis. Clift lost the District 1 seat to Stephanie Faye Feagan, 793 to 488, while Mitchell — who was sworn in last May to fulfill the remainder of Kim Jackson’s term on the board — lost the District 5 seat to Anna M. Ray 628 to 362.

The board members’ four-year terms will begin in January. While not serving on the superintendent search committee, they will play a part in determining the district’s next superintendent later this school year.

All six of the Princeton City Council candidates were re-elected to their positions. Jim Joiner led those candidates with 1,973 votes, while Sheila Gates had 1,787, Carl Copeland had 1,750, Pat George had 1,710, Brian Conger had 1,701 and Morgan Rousseau had 1,683.

The three candidates for Fredonia City Council all won their seats, filling half of the six-position council. The other three candidates will be appointed.

Presley Lamm had 146 votes, while Tonya D. Bowman had 142 and Karen Phelps had 130.

In the election for constable from the Third Magisterial District, Brady D. Brooks, who ran unopposed, garnered 1,277 votes.

In the national races, Caldwell County voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump, with 4,905 votes to 1,432 for Democratic Party challenger Joseph Biden and 58 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen.

In the U.S. senator race, Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell had 4,451 votes from Caldwell voters, while Democrat Amy McGrath had 1,674 votes and Libertarian Brad Barron had 297.

In the U.S. representative contest, Republican incumbent James R. Comer had 4,945, while Democrat challenger James Rhodes had 1,407.

In the statewide races, for state representative from the Fourth District, Republican Lynn Belcher had 4,373 votes to Democrat Alonzo Pennington’s 1,760 and Independent Austin Valentine Jr.’s 208.

In the race for judge of the Court of Appeals First Appellate First District, Chris McNeill had 2,657 votes, while Jenny Hines had 2,297.

There were two constitutional amendments on the ballot. For Amendment 1, the so-called Marsy’s Law amendment, Caldwell County cast 3,156 votes in favor of its adoption with 2,250 votes against.

For Amendment 2, which detailed altering the term limits for several state offices, Caldwell County cast 3,733 against it and 1,774 in favor of its adoption.

Of the 10,324 registered voters in Caldwell County, 6,446 — 62.4% — took part in the election through Tuesday evening.

Caldwell County Clerk Toni Watson said that 3,952 voters took part in early voting in Caldwell County.

Watson said that there are 47 mail-in or absentee ballots of the 1,198 that were sent out that have not yet returned. In order to be counted, they must have been returned to the county clerk’s office by the end of the work day on Friday and be postmarked no later than Tuesday.

Complete election results including those late ballots will be provided in the Nov. 10 issue of the Times Leader.