News about climate change has been so spooky for so long that it can feel like background noise. We find a way to carry on like normal, even when the news is disquieting.

Much like getting your dad to actually tell you what he wants for Father's Day, it turns out writing a good Father's Day editorial is darn near impossible (for me, anyway).

Although the official start of summer is still weeks away, Kentucky has already been experiencing high temperatures. Temperatures reached the mid- to high-80s Tuesday and are expected to hover in upper-70s and 80s all week.

In recent months, I've been very proud to work on an issue that every Member of Congress can wholeheartedly support - protecting our nation's children from abuse and neglect. The safety and security of some of our most vulnerable members of society, our nation's children, is of the utmost im…

While this year's Kentucky Derby lasted about two minutes, controversy surrounding the race is far from being over.

Kentucky's primary election is this Tuesday and if voter participation in 2015 is any indication, the turnout will be in the neighborhood of a dismal 12 percent. Low turnout is partly because Kentucky is one of a handful of states that elects its governor and constitutional officers in odd n…

Kentucky's pension children shouldn't pay for the sins of their retirement-systems' fathers.

I've never been that great at goodbyes. I don't like the idea of soft-pedaling something or beating around the bush when simplicity will do just as well. I say that to tell you that this will be my last column. I'm hanging up my spurs -- which only makes sense, since I don't have a horse to …

Mayor Kota Young's announcement this week of a "Day of Service" in the community next Saturday, April 27, should spur all of us who call Princeton and Caldwell County home to do something in return for the community we love.

One of the sure signs of spring around my household is a yard full of dandelions. Some might call them weeds, but I don't like the connotation.

Last week's high winds in the county were nothing compared to the four tornadoes that touched down in western Kentucky, including the EF-2 that caused major damage to portions of western McCracken County.

I came across an interesting observation today. Since early November 2000, there has been a continuous human presence on the International Space Station; ever since that date, at least one astronaut - male or female, from any of 17 countries - has been aboard the ISS as it orbits the Earth.

After the on-again, off-again storminess of the first half of the weekend, it was a real treat to see the sun and feel some warmer spring air again on Sunday.

Last week, the Caldwell County school district joined schools and preschools across the state and country in celebrating Read Across America Week, coinciding with the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as beloved children's author Dr. Seuss.

One of the common battles we seem to be dealing with as a society is that involving the relationship between traditional practices and protocols and new technologies that can call the old way of doing things into question.

I ordered a DNA test last fall and, as part of the holiday festivities, filled a vial with spit and mailed it off for analysis. The results came in and were about what I expected: two-thirds English, a third Scots-Irish -- about as vanilla as one can get. This wasn't much of a surprise -- we…

It was announced this week that a joint meeting of the Princeton and Fredonia city councils and the Caldwell County Fiscal Court is being planned early next month. We support this endeavor and hope that the attempt leads to the development of common aims and a greater spirit of unity and coo…

I had to get a new cell phone this week. I’m not a real big fan of change, especially when it comes to technology, but sometimes, it can’t be put off any longer. When you know, you know.

When ideas are put forth concerning ways to improve the community, some familiar topics almost always emerge – more opportunities for children and youth, better parks and recreation, and so forth. But those topics beg another questions, and possibly another idea toward progress – how do they…

Action on the part of local officials to pursue designation for Princeton under the Kentucky League of Cities Certified City of Ethics Program is admirable.

We took advantage of the warm weather Sunday to spend an idle hour at the playground downtown. My youngest child, who will be five soon, brought a fidget spinner along and suggested to her brother that they take turns hiding the thing somewhere on the premises for the other to find.

The Ice Storm. If you were alive and here for it, you don't have to attach a date, or any other descriptors. You know what it was like, and you don't have any desire to go through it again.

This week, dozens of students, administrators, superintendents and health advocates rallied in Frankfort to urge lawmakers to pass policies to reduce tobacco use among Kentucky's youth.

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