Richard Nelson



The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled to protect the religious liberty rights of a Catholic adoption agency in Philadelphia on June 17.

Despite operating for more than 50 years, the city of Philadelphia severed its contract with the adoption agency because the agency operated according to its religious convictions.

“The Supreme Court ruling made clear that government cannot discriminate against faith-based agencies that operate according to their religious principles,” said Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director Richard Nelson. “The similarities in the Philadelphia case with Kentucky’s refusal to renew Sunrise Children’s Services are striking. As a result, the unanimous ruling from our nation’s highest court makes it difficult for Gov. Andy Beshear to do anything less than renew the contract with Sunrise. We believe failure to do so would be a violation of the recent ruling.”

The Commonwealth Policy Center calls on Gov. Beshear to immediately renew the contract with Sunrise in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling today.