It was announced this week that a joint meeting of the Princeton and Fredonia city councils and the Caldwell County Fiscal Court is being planned early next month. We support this endeavor and hope that the attempt leads to the development of common aims and a greater spirit of unity and cooperation among the three entities.

It is too often the case that rivalries exist not only across county lines, but also within a county's own borders, due to any number of reasons, from personality conflicts to perceived slights or disagreements from generations past.

While feelings can be strong, the end result of such clashes is rarely, if ever, beneficial. More often, the residents of the community at large end up losing out, from missed opportunities for business or industrial growth to chances at state or federal funding. These losses do not only affect our current generation, but also those of our children and grandchildren.

Caldwell County and its two cities have generally worked well together in the past, if somewhat independently.

It is our belief that bigger and better things can be accomplished if the same communities make earnest commitments to partnership wherever possible and resolve to see any projects undertaken become a reality, for the betterment of everyone who calls Caldwell County home.

Next month's meeting may be the first step toward that goal.