Dr. Todd Gray

A powerful quote by an evangelical stalwart has made a great impact on me. Carl F.H. Henry is attributed with saying, “The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.”

While we know the gospel is always good news, Henry’s point is that for it to be realized as good news it must make its way to the people who most need it, and it must arrive while they still have breath in their body.

Kentucky Baptists are working together to get the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ to every home in Kentucky. The latest and most accurate count available to us indicates there are 1,728,681 homes in the commonwealth, and we believe it is on us to take the gospel to those homes.

Why must Kentucky Baptists partner together to get the gospel to every home?

Because of the mission assigned to us: The Great Commission, as recorded in Matthew 28:16-20, tells us that the entire world is our field and Jesus has commissioned us to take the good news to the world and make disciples who live according to His will.

Because of our love for God and for people: Not only are we a Great Commission people, but we are also a Great Command people. Jesus calls us to love God and love people in Matthew 22:38-40. Knowing that people who die separated from God will exist forever in a place of torment, Hell, compels us to take the saving gospel of Christ to them.

Because we can: While there are 1,728,681 homes in Kentucky, there are also 2,360 Kentucky Baptist churches. Do the math and you will discover it equals roughly 733 homes per Kentucky Baptist church. At a rate of five pairs of people from each church taking the gospel to 10 homes per week, we can deliver the gospel to each home in about 15 weeks. I believe this is amazingly doable. In fact, some may wonder why we have not been doing this every year, even multiple times each year.

One of the unique things about Kentucky Baptists is that we believe in cooperation. We know that we can do more together than any one of us can do alone. While no single congregation can realistically take the gospel to every home in Kentucky, all of us working together can certainly get it done.

To learn more about being involved in this Great Commission initiative, Gospel to Every Home, please reach out to the Kentucky Baptist Convention Evangelism Team at May the Lord be pleased to use Kentucky Baptists as we work together to make an on-time delivery of the good news of our Lord Jesus to those who are lost without Him.