About five years ago, Mr. Ricky Hillgard became a volunteer at the Rest Home in Princeton Health Rehab.

He felt the Lord would have him visit each patient and take them treats, which he does every Thursday. He knew so many of these people are lonely and shining His light might brighten someone's day, and it does.

I've heard folks say, Mr. Hillgard lives in Scottsburg near where the blueberry farm war located. Mr. Hillgard is producing the fruit of kindness the Bible speaks of in so many ways. He went about doing good.

We don't have to do something extraordinary, Jesus just went about doing good. Mr. Hillgard is showing that example.

When you walk into a lonely room, your little light may become a brilliant one. We can follow God's will with passion, it's the way we have happiness, contentment and pass it on. Thank you, Mr. Hillgard, for your example in love and faithfulness.

-- Frances Hicks