Editor's Note: The ads on the back of the flag page which ran in The Princeton Times Leader on June 29, 2019 were printed sideways (not upside down) for ease of readership when flipping through the pages of the edition. This is a universally-followed format for designing a newspaper for the convenience of the reader.

Dear Editor,

I am a Princeton resident, businessman and long-time advertiser to the paper, The Times Leader. I was asked to advertise in the paper sponsoring the American Flag printed by the paper annually and quickly agreed to do so.

When the paper was printed, I was excited to see the Flag Page that once was displayed in business windows and on windows and doors of members of the community. I was exceedingly unhappy to discover that the ads were printed upside down. I was told that sometimes ads printed that way drew more attention than one printed right side up, but for this particular advertisement, I was most unhappy to have it printed upside down.

If this was a decision by the local editor or person, shame on you. If it happened as a convenience of the printers, Paxton Media Group, you should have notified the advertisers this was happening for approval.

It saddens me as a businessman and member of the community to see the newspaper being used as a rag with little integrity or communication between its producers, local or otherwise, and members and advertisers of the community.


Kentucky Col. William C. Carrington, III