I wish to make this crystal clear: I condemn anyone who uses the Marshall County High School shooting for political and/or monetary gain.

I also condemn our elected officials -- Gov. Matt Bevin, Attorney General Andy Beshear and Judge-Executive Kevin Neal -- for putting this tragedy into the political arena. I'm deeply disturbed and offended our county judge has decided to use his office as a political tool to enhance the political career of Governor Bevin.

Judge Neal should understand that he is an elected servant for the citizens of Marshall County and that his office is to be used for the betterment of those citizens and not for the GOP. When an elected official such as Judge Neal writes a letter and goes on social media and attacks a political foe of his party, on the taxpayers' time, he has violated their trust and his own ethics.

Judge Neal has stated that it was for the concern of parents of the young people that were injured or killed that motivated him to get involved.

To Judge Neal I say, if you're so concerned about these families and young people, please take time and explain to them what you were doing when these young people were marching for better gun restrictions and to end school violence. Would you happen to have been in Murray embracing the NRA and Oliver North with open arms? Were you also receiving a contribution from the NRA for your reelection campaign?

When this tragedy happened the devil's serpent opened fire on the children of God. The bullets being fired didn't have the name of any political party on them, rather the word HATE. The fabric of this county is woven with strength and endurance. We have chosen to heal as one and to love each other with honor and commitment. The dirty politics of Washington and Kentucky have no place in our county. The legacies of those two angels that died that horrible day should never be mired by politics or greed.

Even though this has sickened me to my core, I choose not to waiver from my beliefs that this county will prosper and become a safer place to live because of those we have elected in the last two general elections.

Terry Neeble

Calvert City