Talks are once again under way concerning the prospect of a local restaurant tax.

As discussed in a public forum Monday evening and in previous sessions by the local tourist commission, the tax would generate revenue that the commission would use for projects aimed at drawing more visitors to the area and also improving the quality of life for local residents.

Some residents and business owners may offer a hard "no" at even the mention of such a proposal. This, we feel, is not the right response.

"Maybe" would be the better answer, in our opinion.

The commission has developed a draft set of projects considered for the initial use of funds from such a tax, but those ideas are by no means final.

As indicated by the discussion at Monday's meeting, the proposal is still fluid, and commission members are actively encouraging input from the community on their suggestions for drawing more out-of-towners to the city.

Even the duration of the plan is up for debate, with some advocating for a 10-year proposal and others seeking shorter-range goals.

More discussion and debate will come as new ideas are considered and plans refined.

And the option of not moving forward with such a tax may be the one that wins in the end. But advocating that position while refusing to consider other possibilities is a move counter to the community's spirit of progress.