Van Yandell

“And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” — Revelation 13: 8

In last week’s article I discussed a brief outline of prophesy in the Bible. Many of those predictions have already occurred and will continue.

In chapter 13 of Revelation, several predictions are implied, but not specifically stated. A part of this foreseeing of the future seems to align with today’s geo-political environment. Actions by some in recent years appear to be forerunners of these projections

Revelation 13 describes a vision of John the Apostle. He saw a beast coming up out of the sea. Many students of the Bible agree this was the Antichrist. We are told the power of the Antichrist and his authority will come from the dragon (Satan) and the world will follow him.

The world will follow him, in part, because he will receive a fatal wound (Revelation 13: 3), but continue to live. He will display a very charismatic and appealing persona. The people will believe he is the answer to all the world’s problems.

The chain of events and statements in Revelation is seen by many to indicate a one world government in the last days. Keep in mind, the last days may encompass several years. Considering some of the rhetoric we are hearing from the world leaders, it is possible.

Revelation 13: 16-17 seems to imply there will be a one world currency. I don’t see this happening in the form of paper or coin. However, the use of credit and debit cards has become a standard of exchange that bears no national currency type.

I’ve traveled in several countries. When using a credit card in mainland Europe, the receipt shows the charge in Euros. On my statement, the charge appears in U.S. dollars. The credit card company converts the charge from Euros to U.S. dollars. This could be considered an international monetary exchange and fulfill the (assumed) prophesy of a worldwide currency.

Revelation 13: 16-17 is also the scripture that tells us every person will be required to have a mark on their hand or forehead to buy or sell anything. Many have envisioned an ink mark or stamp as the “mark of the beast.” In today’s world of technology, it is more likely to be a computer chip embedded under the skin of the hand or neck.

For many years the emphasis in computer development has been speed and miniaturization. Both those goals have been achieved to acceptable points for many uses.

It is possible to inject a rice-grain size computer chip under the skin which is actually a tracking device. These are now used in pets, Alzheimer’s patients and other high-risk individuals. If the subject becomes lost or kidnapped, it is possible to locate them anywhere on the planet.

The chip is called an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip. Many believe the mark of the beast will be such a device. September 11, 2001, opened the door for legitimacy in individual tracking and surveilling of Americans.

There are surveillance methods of following us and compiling information on us that would never have been imagined of before 9-11. We are being constantly monitored. Just last week I received (from the manufacturer of my vehicle) an email telling me the pressure in my left rear tire was low. If they can check the pressure in my tires remotely, I’m sure they can check many other things.

There are factions in our world promoting the idea of a personal ID chip embedded in every person on earth. This proposal may be overly ambitious. I’ve talked to people in Africa that did not know how old they were or in which month they were born. Population numbers are only estimates in parts of the world.

There are isolated tribes in the jungles of Central and South America as well as Southeast Asia that have no idea there is a civilized world (if you can call it that?). Brazil claims 77 such people groups. The Matses tribe in a South American country was napalmed in 1964 because they would not establish communication with the government. Finally in 1969, after continued harassment by the government, a missionary established contact with them.

To classify, catalogue and locate seven and a half billion people borders on insanity in my thinking. In a single country such as the U.S., it might be possible. We all realized on September 11, 2001, our world had changed forever. One change is in the surveillance of the population.

Everywhere we go, our pictures are being taken. In businesses, homes and on the streets we are being constantly watched. In some cases, our conversations are being recorded and credit card companies and insurance companies are being encouraged to keep a record of firearms and ammunition ownership. I was asked in a general wellness exam if I owned a gun.

Chipped credit cards can trace your location when using the card. I’ve been told the next generation credit card chip can locate you any time it’s on your person. I recently received a transponder from my insurance company to place on my windshield to monitor my driving habits.

George Bush (41) used the term “New World Order” in a speech in 1989 and again in the State of the Union speech in1991. Many like him and other presidents such as Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama appear to believe a New World Order is necessary for the survival of mankind. Such changes as a one world government and a common currency are being gradually thrust upon us.

Possibly these are signs of the end times or perhaps a power-grab by a few individuals. Maybe you’ve heard about the bull frog that was thrown in a pot of hot water. He hopped out, but, when he was placed in a pot of cool water and it was gradually brought to a boil, he did not hop out and was cooked.

For those of us that love freedom, personal rights, capitalism and our own inclinations to determine our own destinies, this entire prophetic concept is a nightmare. There is a great deal of supposition and conjecture in these thoughts but if it comes to pass, our world will change in ways we never would have thought possible.

Many believe this is our future. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. If it is, it’s God’s plan and will happen in His good time. Christ Jesus will win in the end and so will His believer-followers. Regardless of the direction, change is not just on the horizon, it is already here.