Based on Johns Hopkins data, our country is currently on trajectory for 320,000 Covid-19 deaths by December 25, 2020.

I am appalled that our society cannot compile simple, concise information about Covid-19. There are several sources of highly credible information online. The information presented below comes from the Mayo Clinic, MIT, Harvard, CDC and WHO.

Covid-19 Basic Information:

  • Symptoms can develop 2-14 days from the time of exposure — typically 5-6 days after exposure.
  • Research has shown individuals are most contagious 24-48 hours before symptoms develop.
  • 14-day quarantine for individuals exposed to Covid-19 (isolate at home).
  • Covid-19 spread is from close contact with somebody infected (6 feet or less) or being sneezed/coughed on by somebody infected.
  • It can take up to 14 days for some people infected with Covid-19 to test positive.

Recommended preventive measures: maintain a 6-foot perimeter between and wear a face mask around people not living in the same house; wash hands frequently for 20 seconds.

In addition to my graduate work at Texas A&M University, I was a medical scientist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School for two and a half years.

Save a life! Wear a mask.

William Wurts, Ph.D.

Princeton, KY