Mark 13: 5-6 “Jesus said to them: “Watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and will deceive many.”

A friend from Titusville Florida, and I were driving southbound on I-95 on Florida’s east coast. This would have been in the early 1980’s. We were heading for the keys to go scuba diving and had nothing on our minds other than the undersea delight of the Caribbean. We were still somewhat north of Miami and suddenly I saw a mountain. “Am I in the twilight zone?” I thought.

There are no mountains in Florida! A few little hills maybe, but no mountains. “What is that?” I asked. “It’s garbage,” he replied.

Here it is nearly 40 years later and those mountains of garbage are in nearly every county and certainly numerous around the metropolitan areas. The population of Florida is now approaching 22 million. Can we even begin to imagine how much garbage that many people produce?

I live in a development called Pine Ridge. At least three garbage companies pick up in this one area. I was sitting outside this morning before daylight and two garbage trucks came by. My mailbox generates enough garbage to fill one of those trucks periodically.

The average American consumer produces nearly five pounds of trash each day, or the average family generates about 18 pounds. Multiplying those numbers by 365 days for the year, it all adds up to: 1,642 pounds per person and 6,570 pounds per family.

European families produce less than American families to the amount of 1,073 pounds per year. Keep in mind many of the European countries are under socialism and do not have the spending power of Americans.

Every year, U.S. landfills are filled with nearly 140 million tons of waste. This garbage consists of over 31 million tons of food products, 27 million tons of plastic and over 18 million tons of paper and cardboard. The rest of the tonnage consists of numerous other products. Chemicals and pathogens are permeating the lungs of over 330 million Americans every second of our lives.

The pollution contributed to the environment is immeasurable. Much of this trash is not bio-degradable. Some plastics are believed to take up to 10 million years to decompose. The environmentalists focus on fossil fuels but the garbage produced is as much a problem as engine emissions or any other type of exhaust produced by oil, diesel or coal.

On the good side of this, the garbage industry creates thousands of jobs. Many of the trucks I see have three workers per truck. Those that operate the land-fills, dozer operators and other haulers contribute tremendously to the economy. Thousands are employed designing, engineering, building and maintaining the trucks and other equipment.

Of course, those living down-wind from these landfills suffer not only from the odor but decreased property value. Any time the olfactory nerve (smeller) picks up an odor, that’s millions of molecules of the product sticking to the inside of our noses and ultimately into our lungs.

Pollution produced by the rest of the world eventually floats to America. The wind currents Solomon described in Ecclesiastics 1: 6 circulate these air borne impurities all over the world. We are very much aware of the factories scattered over the Asian countries with no pollution laws or standards. Much of the waste from those countries comes to America via the prevailing winds.

In many countries, open burning is practiced. The odor penetrates the nostrils and then dissipates but the other pollutants keep going. Factories and municipalities all over the world dump their waste into rivers and streams. Fish and other wildlife populations have been severely damaged by these pollutants thus endangering the human food supply.

Human body waste is discarded as well into those same waterways and perpetuates the spreading of diseases and contributes to such human problems as birth defects and lowered intelligence levels. The human population is literally being buried in trash and waste.

Chemicals and human waste products also find their way into the food and water supply. And we wonder why the cancer rate is so high in many areas.

The world population is now approaching eight billion and predicted to be ten billion by 2050. People produce garbage. This situation is not going to improve in the near future.

Two of the most powerful entities in the world are religion and government/politics.” These have also been inundated with garbage. Even though it is a different type of garbage, it’s still garbage.

Politics, not only in America, but in much of the rest of the world has been invaded with power hungry and wealth seeking politicians. While many politicians are caring, public servants and truly care for their constituents, others spew out hatred and vehemence. Their words are garbage.

Politics, worldwide has, in many cases, become the enemy of the people. First Timothy 6: 10 states, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Perhaps “the love of power” could be connected to that because power usually is accompanied by the accumulation of wealth. There seems to be a few in the political arena that are sincerely focused on helping the common people but they are few and far between. How many have we heard say recently, “I love the country but hate the government?” This is a world-wide power grab and will continue to intensify.

Now we come to the purpose of this article! Christianity has become flooded with garbage. I will not even attempt to elaborate and elucidate on the thousands of ideologies and false teaching that we see in Christianity every day of our lives. Those of us that read current publications (articles, books, documentaries) are very much aware of the false teachings mankind is being exposed to. Jesus told us this would happen in Mark 13: 5-6 (the leading scripture). Christian religionists seem to have a talent for twisting the scriptures to verify their opinions.

Far too many theologians are writing and presenting their own version of the gospel. Being the information and knowledge seekers that we are, we must evaluate those teachings, or at least some of them. In order to separate lies from the truth, what are we to do? To promote the thought that someone is hell-bound based on a personal opinion is a false teaching. There is only one fundamental of the gospel; the faith based belief that Christ Jesus was crucified for the remission of sin and resurrected.

There is only one reliable source of information in existence in the world today. I know I’m getting into opinion here but I firmly believe that one dependable source is the Holy Bible. It has been proven over and over to be 100% accurate in prophesy, science, concepts and philosophies. You can argue this point, but you’d be wrong. There is no point in continuing to add to the basic fundamental of the gospel. Why do so many insist on adding their own addendums to it? I cannot answer that question but I can say, don’t listen to them, read the Bible and listen to God.