The political world was rocked last week when a draft majority opinion from the Supreme Court, the authenticity of which was subsequently confirmed by the Chief Justice, was leaked to the press. For those of us in the legal community, any leak from SCOTUS would have been stunning, but a leak on this case, which may upend 49 years of court precedent set by Roe v. Wade, was earth-shattering.

The pro-life and pro-abortion camps responded swiftly, with either immense joy or apoplectic rage. I am firmly in the pro-life camp. I learned of the leaked opinion while attending the Alpha Pregnancy Care Center annual fundraising banquet, one of many crisis pregnancy centers across Kentucky. Moments from the banquet’s conclusion, I saw the news break and handed my phone to our keynote speaker; he promptly walked back on stage and in words broken by tears of joy, read the headline to the crowd which responded with a standing ovation. That moment is one I won’t soon forget.