Yandell’s July 29 column about Israel was dangerous, misleading

I’m writing in response to Van Yandell’s column “Why Israel?” in the July 29 issue of The Times Leader. I would like very much to meet the “good old boy” who told him that Israel was a nation of “terrorists, killing everyone not just like them,” the fellow whose “knowledge of Israel and its history was somewhat limited.”

I would shake his hand, offer to buy him a glass of the best Kentucky bourbon whiskey, and tell him that his knowledge of Israel and its history is far better than Mr. Yandell’s.

As to my own knowledge of that history: I have a Ph.D in world history specializing in the Middle East.

I have written scholarly articles that passed the most stringent peer reviews before they were published in the Journal of Palestine Studies and by the Central Intelligence Agency in its journal Studies in Intelligence. I have been cited as an authoritative source in at lease 24 scholarly books about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The greatest danger of a genocide in the world today is a massacre of the Palestinians by the Israelis.

Preachers who use the Bible as a vehicle to convey extreme Zionist propaganda as Yandell did to mislead American Christians into believing that they have a God-imposed obligation to support Israel unconditionally is making that genocide more likely with every word that they write or say.

Ricky Dale Calhoun