Caldwell’s AJ Hollowell had six points and six rebounds in a win over Hickman.

Brylee Butts led Caldwell with 18 points in the Lady Tigers 62-40 win over Hickman County in the opening round of the West Kentucky Hoops Classic last Thursday. Butts shot 3-for-5 or 60% from outside the arc and 7-for-11, 64% overall.

Butts added nearly half of the Lady Tigers points in the first quarter for a 15-10 early lead. Rancey Skaggs, who was named Player of the Game for the Falcons, kept the Lady Tigers at bay with double 3s in the second quarter. Caldwell County’s Paris Gray hit back with twin 3s to edge Caldwell’s lead 29-20 going into half time. Skaggs finished the night out with a total of four 3s.

It was smooth sailing in the third quarter with Caldwell out-scoring Hickman 20-11. AJ Hollowell converted two stolen possessions into key baskets to cap the 3rd quarter 49-31. The win over Hickman marks a two-game winning streak after seven straight losses.

Gray finished with 17 points. Smiley, who was named Player of the Game for Caldwell, posted a double-double with 11 points and 11 rebounds. Smiley also stacked up five assists and two steals. Hollowell was next in line with six points and six boards.