Caldwell volleyball claims 7th District runner-up

The Caldwell County volleyball team lost the 7th District championship game to Madisonville North Hopkins last Tuesday in four sets. Its second-place finish in the district tournament qualifies the team for regional tournament play in Crittenden County later this week.

For the first time in 14 years, Caldwell County lost the 7th District Volleyball Championship last Tuesday.

The match lasted just four sets (25-17, 21-25, 25-23, 25-11) with Caldwell winning only the second set.

The 7th District runner-up position will qualify the team to play in regionals at Crittenden County this week and compete for a 2nd Region championship, two years in a row.

Madisonville led the first set from the start with a seven-point run that left them just shy of the two points required to win the set (23-12). Caldwell managed to cut the deficit to 24-17, but the Lady Tigers were unable to return a hard hit by Amya King, finishing up the first set 25-17 in Madisonville’s favor.

Caldwell took a 20-16 point lead prompting a Madisonville timeout, but the Maroons never recovered.

Kyndra Winters’ ace closed the set with Caldwell on top, 25-21.

The third set was a close one with no more than a three-point gap the entire set. Caldwell led for most of the set with Madisonville taking the lead 17-16 with Kendrea White giving Mary Tays a hard hit. Tay’s dig hit the line and was ultimately called out.

Madisonville held the lead for the rest of the set. Caldwell’s Katie Menser’s hit closed the gap 24-23, prompting a Madisonville timeout, but the Maroon’s finished out the last point for the 25-23 win.

The fourth set and Caldwell’s last chance for the win was a tough one. Madisonville had a commanding 9-2 lead, which quickly turned into a 16-6 lead before the Lady Tigers took a time out to regroup. Madisonville ended up putting Caldwell away 25-11.