Jimmy Dyer was announced as Caldwell County’s baseball coach on Jan. 11, succeeding Bradley Stallins, who retired during the COVID-canceled season last year after 18 years at the helm of the Tigers.

A 1982 CCHS graduate and a coach for three seasons for the Tigers, Dyer is not in unfamiliar territory, but it is unusual to take control of a team that doesn’t have a “last year” to work on.

“Our first plan of attack was to get to know the kids,” he said. “We’ve only got two that have any kind of experience — Tate VanHooser and Logan Smiley. So, we just had to get to know the kids: see what they can do and where they plugged in.”

Dyer said it was difficult to start a season without being able to go by what the team did the year before.

“And then, we lose our only scrimmage to rain,” he said. “We found out what we had a little more after the first game.”

Dyer said the development of the team will come along as the season progresses.

“I’m hoping that our defense comes around,” he said. “We’ve got pretty good hands. We ought to be defensively solid, and our pitching looks pretty good.

“We’re heading in the right direction. We knew when we looked at the schedule that Lyon County is loaded; that’s our second game. McCracken County is loaded; that’s our third game. After we get done with spring break, I really hope we find out a whole lot more.”

Dyer said the team worked hard in the preseason, but he and his team are looking forward to actual competition for the first time since May 30, 2019, in a 9-5 loss to Hopkinsville in the championship game of the Second Region Tournament in Bowling Green.

“I’m tired of practice,” he said. “It’s good to get to play other people, and the team is excited, no doubt about it. They were chomping at the bit, and they came out really, really good. We just need more time.”

Caldwell County went 18-16 in the 2019 season and a 4-2 District 7 finish, good for second place.

This year’s District 7 tournament will be played the week of May 31.