Officials within the Kentucky High School Athletic Association have released revisions of the current-standing dead period, which originally took effect on March 12 and has since been extended until the end of the 2019-20 school year (May 31).

This is to include the following:

Facilities on school-owned property — including competition and practice facilities, weight rooms and similar, as well as those facilities managed or are in any way owned by the school or s

  • chool system (grades 6-12) — shall remain closed for use related to sports or sport-activities in any manner through at least May 31
  • Coaches may not be involved at those facilities, other than necessary maintenance that can be done using acceptable social distance regulations
  • School facilities, uniforms, nicknames, transportation or equipment may not be used in any KHSAA-sanctioned sport or sport-activity
  • Students shall not participate in any organized element of sport or sport-activity or organized, semi-organized or informal competition in any sport or sport-activity in any format at any member school location or any facility owned by the Board of Education of a member school
  • Students may not use any school or school system owned athletic or sport or sport-activity related equipment at any member school location or any facility owned by the Board of Education of a member school
  • No activity may be required of student-athletes at any location, on or off a school campus
  • Students may not receive in-person coaching or training from school personnel (either salaried or non-salaried) in any KHSAA sanctioned sport or sport-activity
  • Coach and player interaction should be restricted to virtual/distance methods, but are not restricted in terms of content, only restricted in terms of being bound to only enrolled students at the school
  • Postseason wrap-up activities, celebrations and recognition events relating to a sport or sport-activity team at a school may only be held in compliance with formal guidance issued by the Kentucky Department of Education, and in compliance with all state, federal, CDC, local government and local health department guidelines

It’s worth noting that, according to the KHSAA, these policies will “be reviewed regularly for extension after that period, or during that period, as necessary,” with the possibility of state, federal and Center for Disease Control policies and directives being altered.

“These steps may sunset earlier if allowed by the Governor (Andy Beshear’s) orders related to the phase-in steps of resuming activity,” added KHSAA officials. “Which will likely be after Phase 1 of the phases as defined by the federal government, state government, and/or CDC directives.

“The information related to the coronavirus is ever-evolving, and changes happen quickly. We will inform all stakeholders if there are any changes in circumstances. We are hopeful that with all of the collaborative efforts of the citizens of our Commonwealth, we see this situation subside sooner rather than later, and we will continue to be leaders in that journey. We also encourage all Kentucky citizens to pay close attention to the CDC and Kentucky health information at and strictly adhere to those CDC guidelines, which are always subject to revision as we learn more about the virus.”

The KHSAA, did, however, back down from the prohibition of athletes competing in non-school-related sports out of state and from private instruction during the dead period...instead asking families to adhere to CDC, federal, state and local guidelines.

Of note: “Students at KHSAA member schools as well as parents and others (including coaches) should be mindful that you do not avoid the perils of this virus by simply changing shirts and no longer wearing a school uniform.”