Six individual state champions since it's conception in 1964, and nearly 60 state placers during that span; this is Caldwell County wrestling.

And while one Princeton native isn't in high school just yet, he's already surpassing what many of the greatest Tiger wrestlers of all time have accomplished years before his prime.

At just 13 years old, Hunter Jenkins is a wrestling legend in the making.

A local wrestler and member of the Relevant Church, Jenkins recently flew out of Chicago on Wednesday morning to represent the USA in Sweden, Prague and the Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea as a member of the 2019 USA World Wrestling Tour team.

Jenkins is the son of former Caldwell County Tiger wrestler Melvin Jenkins.

At the weight of 47 kilograms, Jenkins is one of 17 wrestlers from across the United States to be chosen for this prestigious honor. Jenkins will return to the states on Nov. 5.

Born in raised in Princeton Kentucky, Melvin Jenkins graduated Caldwell County in 2000, and was on the All-Marine team in the Corps, and his son in Hunter Jenkins is currently ranked No. 1 in Kentucky.

Melvin Jenkins won multiple district and regional championships during his high school days, and was a three-time state qualifier competing in the 125, 130, 135 and 140 weight classes.

Melvin said that his uncle, Ralph Stevens, got him into wrestling.

Ralph Stevens, ironically enough, is Trigg County's only state champion ever to date in 1982, the year that his nephew in Melvin Jenkins was born.

Colin Stevens, the son of Ralph Stevens, is a senior at Trigg County and is expected to be favored for a state championship this year with Hunter Jenkins in their respective age and weight divisions.

This is the seventh year of competitive wrestling for Hunter, who is already a three-time all-American with his state ranking.

"He watched me in the Marines and started wrestling when he was about six years old," Melvin Jenkins recalls.

"I'm extremely proud of him, he's already surpassed everything that daddy accomplished. His mom, (Elizabeth Jenkins) is nervous about sending her baby so far away."

Jenkins was one of 17 wrestlers across the states that was elected to compete in the event, as all the wrestlers will compete in three different places overseas.

There will be two tournaments, consisting of two days each.

He's been training on hand fighting combinations and Greco throw, but the mental toughness aspect of it all has been carefully treated.

"At this point in the game everybody is high level," Melvin Jenkins added.

"It comes down to how much you believe in yourself and against the very best that other countries have to offer."

10 trailing sessions will be available to Jenkins with the best that Europe has to offer, specializing in the Greco Roman Olympic style of wrestling as well.

Melvin Jenkins said that Hunter is currently being homeschooled for training purposes and international competition.

"In just a few days my son will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime," Melvin Jenkins said in a post to family and friends.

"He'll be strolling across the 600 year-old bridge in Prague and then visit the Baltic Island of Gotland where he'll see a castle wall untouched since the 12th century. He'll trek the streets of Stockholm and hike the trails around Anundshog. Best of all, he'll be doing what he loves, competing in two Greco Tournaments where he'll have the opportunity to train and compete against the best wrestlers that Europe has to offer."

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