Kentucky’s spring squirrel hunting season continues through its fifth weekend Saturday and Sunday, running continuously through June 19. Standard squirrel hunting regulations apply through this bonus hunting season, the only small game season until the traditional squirrel season open on the third Saturday in August.

While our biggest amphibians aren’t classified as small game, bullfrog season, too, is ongoing throughout Kentucky. The leggy croakers can be harvested by firearm, archery gear, gigs and simple hand-grabbing May 15-Oct. 31 this year.

One non-conventional season that is recently closed is the night-hunting season for coyotes. That period, when lights and night vision gear can be used to take coyotes with shotguns during hours of darkness, runs February-May.

Coyotes are not classified as a game species and, unprotected by game regulations, may be taken at any time year-round. However, the special night hunting season allows the use of hand-held lights and night vision equipment during the four-month period.

• Kentucky hunters are reminded that they can help wildlife managers by taking a quick online survey about their participation — or lack of it — in the commonwealth’s 2019-20 hunting seasons.

The Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources offers the computerized survey to better understand the experiences and preferences of the state’s hunter base to help managers best serve those hunters with opportunities while best managing Kentucky’s wild resources.

The survey, which takes about five minutes or less, can be reached at the link

Managers assure confidentiality for survey participants. Survey results are reported only as group statistics, and individual responses are held as private.

• As of this writing, the Land Between the Lakes has not announced reopening plans for the popular Hillman Ferry, Energy Lake and Piney campground. The three developed camping areas have been closed since March over safety concerns regarding the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The state of Kentucky’s announced reopening plan calls for campgrounds to begin operations again — with social distancing in effect — on Thursday, June 11.

Meanwhile, LBL managers note that they are accepting reservations for the developed campgrounds for arrival dates beginning July 10. Yet, this is qualified with a statement that the arrival date for reservations could be changed to either earlier or later depending on guidance from USDA/U.S. Forest Service directors or the coronavirus-monitoring CDC.