T-Ball and Little League Baseball have taken over Buddy Rogers Ball Park in Fredonia for the summer. The season began June 18, and director Bayley McDonald had the following to share about this beloved summer program:

"The community of Fredonia is coming back to life! This is the second year we have had our little league programs back up and going. Last year we only had tee ball! We had 4 teams with a total of 40 kids.

This year we have doubled in size with 85 kids, 5 tee ball teams, and 3 baseball teams! We had enough kids to require us to bring our tee ball field out of retirement. The lights haven't been on down there for what feels like at least 10 years! I can only imagine it will be larger next year, requiring we add more games and nights to our schedule. We will end our season the weekend of our Fredonia Festival. All our kids ride in the Fredonia Parade on Friday, Aug. 9. They will also play their finals games and receive their trophies the morning of the Fredonia Summer Festival on Saturday, Aug. 10.

We have many things going on during the summer in the valley! They include concerts, softball tournaments, Thunder in the Valley (July 3), and our annual parade and festival! We continue to add new events all the time! We love having a ballpark full of people who enjoy each others company and have a great time! Come out and enjoy it with us!"