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Talley conducts Q&A on Twitter for LPGA

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LPGA Tour Golf

Emma Talley drives from the ninth tee during the first round of the LPGA Volvik Championship golf tournament at the Travis Pointe Country Club on May 24, 2018, in Ann Arbor, Mich. Talley spent considerable time on Twitter Monday answering questions for the LPGA, under the hashtag “#AskEmma.”

Emma Talley already has a strong list of accomplishments to her name: three-time KHSAA state champion, four-time All-American, 2013 US Amateur champion, 2015 NCAA individual champion, 2018 LPGA Rookie of the Year.

Add “social media coordinator and counselor” to the list.

On Monday, the Princeton native and former Caldwell County star took to Twitter for the LPGA, and answered questions under “#AskEmma,” and provided plenty of insight into her young and growing career.

Q: What place has been your favorite thus far on the LPGA Tour?

A: “Probably not the answer you want, but every week is an adventure. I love traveling the world and playing golf for a living. What else could a 26-year-old dream of?”

Q: What advice would you give to a young girl playing golf to improve the mental part of her game?

A: “Have fun. Remember it’s just golf. At the end of the day it’s just a sport. Try and get better each day because that is all you can do!”

Q: Who inspired you to play golf?

A: “Honestly I didn’t grow up in a ‘golf’ family, so no one inspired me other than golfers I would see driving by on their golf cards. We lived on the golf course and I loved sports. Just asked my dad if I could try it out. Glad I did.”

Q: How do you play the 2 bounce and stop shot just off the greens, please?

A: “Use a 58 or 54 degree. Get a little closer to the ball with the heel off the ground. Open face on backswing and soft hands! Let me know how it goes!”

Q: Are you happy with your progress so far into the LPGA?

A: “Hard question. My rookie year was AMAZING, but my second year I tried gaining distance and lost my swing. Even though it was terrible I learned so many good lessons. I was so excited for this season, but have to be patient! I’m super excited and have my game back!”

Q: Is Princeton still home for you, and how often do you get back (present times not included, of course!)?

A: “No, but I still go back often! I love seeing my family and playing PGCC. Princeton was the best place to grow up!”

Q: How did it feel after your first win? And how old were you when you first started playing golf?

A: “Started playing at 9 years old. Winning is great, but losing is way worse!”

Q: Will you be coming back to Seaview to play in the Shoprite Classic this summer? (If so: do you need a caddie for the event?)

A: “Yes I love that course and event. However, tell me how to get rid of those bugs! They drive me crazy! I have a caddie, but thank you!”

Q: One piece of advice/thought for getting out of a sand trap?

A: “Swing left. Stay low. Continue opening the face on the back swing. You got this!”

Q: How did you decide where you wanted to play for college?

A: “It was pretty easy! Best coaches, great golf school, beautiful campus, girls on the team were great, not too far from home, great golf and workout facilities...BEST SCHOOL EVER. I would go back if I could! Roll Tide.”

Q: What does your pre-round routine look like?

A: “I have one of the shorter warm up routines. After I stretch in the locker room I head to the putting green, then chipping, then range. I truly believe and treat it as a warm up.”

Q: What does a D1 college player need to shoot on average?

A: “It depends on what school because there is a wide range of scores. To go to a top-ranked D1 school you need to be averaging around even par. Other D1 schools are much higher.”

Q: What are your biggest challenges being on tour? Travel? Time management? Scheduling?

A: “Great question. Every tournament I learn something new about myself, but the biggest challenge for me is worrying about myself and not anyone else. I like to say yes to everyone, so it gets me in trouble. Long story short: time management and the rest!”

Q: What is your favorite golf memory? Also, what is your most memorable golf shot?

A: “Golf memory: winning the US Womens Amateur with my dad on my bag the whole week. Most memorable golf shot: number 9 at Concession out of the fairway bunker at the 2015 NCAA.”

Q: Since your season will be shortened, will you try to play in every event, or follow a specific tournament schedule?

A: “I don’t think anyone knows what is happening with our season, so I will just have to wait and see what works. I love playing a lot though, so I’m sure I’ll play everything.”

Q: Best course you’ve played in Kentucky?

A: “Best is a hard call to make! I have always loved Olde Stone in Bowling Green, but honestly I haven’t played that many courses outside western Kentucky.”

Q: My daughter wants to know the best drills a youth golfer should do?

A: “For me keeping a golf journal as a kid was so big! Keeping it fun and playing up and down games. Putting contests. Keep it fun!”

Q: What are your thought on the changes made by the KHSAA to the State Championship?

A: “Golf is so different and for a team to have to leave a kid back when they have played all year is cruel. @Chunk_and_Run72 (Travis Thompson) was the 5th man and ended up winning the tournament for him and his team. That is what it is all about!”

Q: What is your favorite hole at the Country Club of Charleston and why?

A: “Gosh that whole course is so pure. So many good holes I can’t even decide! It didn’t treat me very well last year, but I still think about my win at that course. It was a special week especially since my dad was on the bag.”

Q: If you didn’t hit Callaway, what would it be?

A: “Nothing! I haven’t hit any other clubs since I was 13. I love @CallawayGolf.”

Q: If you could win only one LPGA Tour event, which one would you choose to win?

A: “Gosh I want to win so many!!! If I had to choose one it would be the US Open.”

Q: Is there a better public course in western Kentucky than @PaxtonParkGolf? How has this course helped you to prepare?

A: “Kentucky has so many good courses and if anyone knew me in middle school and high school, they would know I spent so much time @PaxtonParkGolf! I love Danny (Mullen) and Pat! So thank for all the support Kentucky has given me!”

Follow Talley on Twitter: @talley_emma.