The Caldwell County wrestling team swept all four of its dual matches at McCracken County High School on Saturday and now looks ahead to the Trigg County dual tournament this weekend.

The Tigers (7-2) beat Calloway County 48-30, Hopkinsville 51-23, host McCracken County 41-30 and Trigg County 57-12.

Freshman Preston Rogers (4-6) got his first win of the season in the 285-pound class — the heaviest class in Kentucky high school wrestling — when he beat McCracken County’s David Phelps by fall.

Junior Dylan Walls maintained his unblemished individual record at 17-0 in the 170-pound class, going 4-0 in the meet.

The Trigg County dual tournament takes place Saturday in Cadiz.

CCHS 48, Calloway County 30

(Individual records are given with CCHS wrestlers.)

285-pound class: Henry Byford (Calloway County) d. Preston Rogers by fall; 220-pound class: Cole Sherrill (Caldwell County, 13-3) d. Nick Watters by fall; 195-pound class: Jacob Fox (Calloway County) won by forfeit; 182-pound class: Colin Walls (Caldwell County, 13-3) d. Timarian Bledsoe by fall; 170-pound class: Dylan Walls (Caldwell County, 18-0) won by forfeit; 160-pound class: John Paredes (Caldwell County, 12-4) d. Patrick Powers by fall; 152-pound class: Ethan Futrell (Calloway County) won by forfeit; 145-pound class: Keaton Elliott (Calloway County) d. Jackson Riley (10-8) by fall; 138-pound class: Ethan Newson (Caldwell County, 6-9) d. Caitlyn Powers by fall; 132-pound class: Riley Johnson (Caldwell County, 14-3) won by forfeit; 120-pound class: Timothy Nichols (Caldwell County, 15-2) won by forfeit; 113-pound class: Colin Teutsch (Caldwell County, 15-2) won by forfeit; 106-pound class: Jacob Jones (Calloway County) won by forfeit.

CCHS 51, Hopkinsville 23

285: Joseph Gray (H) d. Rogers by technical fall, 17-2; 220: Sherrill d. Dontre Quarles by fall; 182: Colin Walls won by forfeit; 170: D.Walls won by forfeit; 160: Paredes d. Elliott Shull by decision, 4-1; 152: Jacob Frederick (H) won by forfeit; 145: Newson d. Caleb Shull by fall; 138: Riley won by forfeit; 132: Johnson d Ronald McGee by fall; 126: Christopher Medina (H) won by forfeit; 120: Nichols d. Kevondre Young by fall; 113: Teurtsch d. Holden Schneider by fall; 106: Trushawn Matt (H) won by default.

CCHS 41, McCracken County 30

285: Rogers d. David Phelps by fall; 220: Sherrill d. Frankie Nutt by fall; 195: Malachi Gray (MC) won by forfeit; 182: Colin Walls d. Alex Schlei by fall; 170: D.Walls d. David Wallace by technical fall, 15-0; 160: Paredes d. Zach Sawyer by decision, 8-2; 152: Colton Smallwood (MC) won by forfeit; 145: Riley d. Brayden Howard by decision, 13-6; 138: James Barragan (MC) d. Newsom by fall; 132: Johnson d. Hunter Hawthorne by fall; 126: Cade Turner (MC) won by forfeit; 120: Nichols d. Nash Smallwood by fall; 113: Parker McKee (MC) d. Teutsch by fall.

CCHS 57, Trigg 12

285: Rogers d. Matt Alex Ladd by disqualification; 220: Sherrill won by forfeit; 182: Colin Walls d. Jack lingenfelter by fall; 170: D.Walls d. Anthony Hall by fall; 160: Paredes won by forfeit; 145: Newsom d. Timmy Mendez by fall; 138: Riley d. Makenna Hendricks by decision, 10-5; 132: Johnson d. Tyler Jacobs by fall; 126: Timmy Cannon (TC) won by forfeit; 120: Nichols d. Andrew Wilson by fall; 113: Teutsch won by forfeit; 106: Lily Hull (TC) won by forfeit.